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E1 – A Madman With A Blue Box

cropped-straight-outta-gallifrey-color.fw_.pngStraight Outta Gallifrey: E1 – A Madman With A Blue Box is now available to download. Check it out here. For our inaugural episode, George, Sunseahl, and Mike are joined by this week’s guest host, the Honorable James Kerwin, to discuss the Doctor in his various incarnations and who are our favorite Doctors. Who’s your favorite?

James Kerwin is the director of several episodes of Star Trek: Continues. He has written and directed R.U.R. Genesis, Yesterday Is A Lie, and is working on the feature length film: R.U.R.

Who is your favorite Doctor other than Tom Baker? James, George, Sunseahl, and Mike provide their answers throughout the course of the show. Who’s your favorite doctor?

We talk about some of the episodes that could be good jumping on points for new people looking to get into Doctor Who. What episodes do you think new viewers should check out first?

We discuss at what point does the show reinvent itself. Is it when a new show runner comes on? or when the Doctor regenerates into a new form? What do you think?

George and James spin off on a tangent regarding the show runners and the problems that arise when they stay in charge for too long. Do you agree or disagree?

Sunseahl brings us back on topic by sharing who her Doctor is and poses the question: How do you catch a Doctor? How would you catch a Doctor?

The conversation shifts to the concept of the Doctor being a nice guy, or this leading man-like character, is a modern concept. How do you like your Doctor? Do you prefer a nice, leading man Doctor or a grumpy, crotchety one?

Do you think the Doctor’s regenerations are a metaphor to the changes we go through during the course of our lives as we age?

Mike offers a suggestion as to why the Doctor loves Earth and humans so much. Do you agree? We discuss why the Doctor is so fond of humans. What do you think it is about Earth and humanity that he finds so appealing?

We also talk about the controversial line spoken by the eighth Doctor that could explain his love for the human race. It led to the discussion of canon and some of the other stories that attempt to explain the line in the books, media, and fan theories. What do you think of as canon for Doctor Who? And what about the Doctor’s lineage? Is he all Time Lord? or Could he be part human?

We move on to our next topic: Peter Capaldi as the twelfth Doctor. The return to an older Doctor after several years with young ones could be the first step towards the introduction of versions of the character out side of the traditional white male we have seen so far. What do you think about Capaldi? What do you think about a black or female Doctor replacing him in the future?

Sun is asked who her favorite modern Doctor is. She suggests the Valeyard, which sparks a conversation about him and his place in the timeline with a short detour to mention the Master and how he came to get his ability to regenerate. We also discuss the idea of bringing back other Time Lords such Romana, The Rani, or Susan. Would you like to see the Valeyard and some of the other Time Lords return to Doctor Who sometime?

Sunseahl offers a couple of questions: First. What happened to the Doctor’s Daughter? Would you like to see her make another appearance on the show?

Second. In The Doctor’s Wife, they were on a planet that devoured T.A.R.D.I.S’. Where did they all come from if all of the Time Lords had been on Gallifrey at the moment it was locked away in time? James wonders how Clara could have gone back to see the Doctor as a child, which had occurred prior to that moment?

We talk about the Time War and try to nail down what started it. George quotes comics and books and episodes in order to make sense of it all. James states that when all of this extraneous material is required to make your show make sense, its a problem because not everyone in the audience will have read the books or picked up the comics. Do you think comics, books, and other material should be used to help tell a story? Do you think Doctor Who needs a Canon Keeper to oversee episodes and ensure that they make sense with what had come before and to ensure that the entire audience is able to follow the story without having to pick up any extra material?

We discuss the possibility of a female incarnation of the Doctor and cite a few examples that lead us to conclude that that is the direction it is going. Would you accept a female Doctor? How do you think the show would change if we did get one?

Email your questions, comments, suggestions to us using our contact page. We want to hear from you!

Music for this episode was provided by 331Erock on Youtube.

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