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E2 – We’re All Stories


Straight Outta Gallifrey: E2 – We’re All Stories is now available to download. Check it out here. On the heels of our first episode, George, Sunseahl, and Mike return to discuss Doctor Who News, Rumors, and Gossip including the news of a new spin-off series is being developed, and the various spin-offs that have emerged over the years from this long run, but beloved series. What’s your favorite Doctor Who spin-off series?

Getting through introductions, George starts us off with a question, talking about what each of us thinks of the sonic sunglasses that were introduced this last season with Capaldi. Mike preferred the sonic guitar to the shades and they discuss some possibilities of the sonic guitar and Capaldi’s guitar playing. What did you think of the Sonic Shades, the Sonic Guitar, and Capaldi’s playing.

Mike returns the topic back to our opening segment and asks what Whovian thing each of us did this week? Mike watched some Doctor Who, starting with William Hartnell’s first season, which included some reconstructed episodes consisting of the episodes audio with still photos from the show providing the visuals, before jumping back and forth through various episodes featuring different doctors, including the 12th, 10th, and 8th Doctors. Sunseahl spent most of the week crying over the loss of so many beloved celebrities. George hasn’t done anything really Whovian this week, but he does mention some of the photo-shopped images he’s seen of David Bowie as the different incarnations of the Doctor. What Whovian thing have you done this week?

David Bowie As the Doctor

Courtesy of the Doctor Who Hub Facebook Group –

George asks what we thought of The Next Doctor. Mike shares his thoughts on the impersonator and asks how did the Cybermen get the doctor’s memories into the tube to begin with? George offers an explanation and offers some trivia about the episode. Sunseahl’s mind was blown the first time she saw the episode. George, at the time it first aired, wondered if we were meeting the next Doctor in advance of the regeneration. Sunseahl wonders if there was something deeper in his past that we don’t know about that is behind his reason for running? Mike offers a joke involving Susan, which prompts George to offer some background on her character and her later appearances and mentions. How do think the Doctor’s memories were captured in the Cybermen’s data core happened? What did you think of the Next Doctor? Also, why do you think the Doctor is on the run?

Before moving on to the News, Rumors, and Gossip segment, Mike mentions Lady Christina from the episode Planet of the Dead and wonders if she had remained as his Companion, if she wouldn’t have turned him into an Intergalactic Super-criminal, not that some people don’t already think of him that way. George offers another bit of trivia as to the reason why she couldn’t play the role of his Companion beyond this one episode. How do you think her influence would have affected the Doctor if Lady Christina had remained his Companion beyond the one episode?

We kick off our News, Rumors, and Gossip segment with the announcement that Peter Jackson is interested in directing an episode. He has even put together a short video with Capaldi and a Dalek to help illustrate his intentions. Sun and Mike jokes about the length of Peter Jackson’s films. George offers some trivia about Jackson’s desire to do the episode. What do you think about Peter Jackson directing an episode of Doctor Who next season?

The next rumor pertains to Peter Capaldi’s desire to end his tenure as the Doctor after next season. Mike hopes to see more Capaldi and his sonic guitar. George talks about the hard work involved in producing a television show and uses the return of the X-Files to make his point. Sun thinks that his decision to move on has a lot more to do with his age and the demands of the position. George talks about the longevity of the other Doctors and would prefer quality over quantity and offers a story about Collin Baker’s abrupt departure from the show. What do you think about Capaldi leaving Doctor Who?

The last bit of News, Rumors, and Gossip this week involves a new spin-off series that is currently being planned called Class. George thinks it could be interesting, though he doesn’t know who their intended audience will be with this new show. Sun is withholding her thoughts on the show until she has had a chance to see the first episode. Mike reads the synopsis of the new show that will be geared for young adults, and compares it to Supernatural, Buffy, and other YA fiction. What do you think about a new Doctor Who show?

In honor of the new spin-off show, they move on to this week’s topic and discuss some of the Doctor Who spin-offs that have preceded it. Sun goes first and talks about Torchwood and how Captain Jack’s Torchwood differed from the Torchwood previously seen on the show and how it sought to contain and protect aliens and their technology from misuse. George shares a piece a trivia about where the name Torchwood came about. He goes on to talk about some of the series and how the show evolved as it moved overseas to different studios. We discuss the Torchwood series Children of the Earth. What is your favorite Doctor Who spin-off series?  What do you think about Torchwood? What’s your favorite Torchwood episode or series?

George brings up a couple more spin-offs, K-9 and Company and The Sarah Jane Adventures and some cross over episodes. Mike mentions that there were also some failed spin-off attempts as well. George enlightens us with details about Rose Tyler: Defender of the Earth and what had killed that show right before they began filming the series’ premiere.

We start winding down the show and enter our final segment with the formal introduction of Dale the Dalek, who is manning the Straight Outta Gallifrey Mail room. We keep him in the basement and feed him peanuts, but he needs something to do, so forward your thoughts, comments, and suggestions to or use our contact us page to keep him from turning against us.

In the coming weeks, Mike is looking forward to watching more Doctor Who and discussing his experiences on the show. He’s also looking forward to the next wave of LEGO Dimension game pieces, which is due to be released early next week. In the last wave, LEGO introduced a Doctor Who Level Pack which included a 12th Doctor mini-figure with a Tardis and K-9 mini building sets. The next wave will include a Cyberman Fun Pack that comes with a mini Dalek building set for the game. Sunseahl and George talk briefly about Cybermen and Daleks.

Mike asks Sun if there’s anything Whovian she’ll be doing between now and our next show. She doesn’t think so unless more people die. We take a minute to extend our condolences to friends, family, and fans of David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and all of the other celebrities that had passed away this week. George will continue working on his Doctor Who audio series, Ambrosia. He also goes on to say that we are still figuring out what we are doing with the show and how we will be handling the new series when it returns, but there is still a long time before then and even more to cover before then. What Whovian thing will you be doing in the next two weeks?

And with that they conclude this week’s show. Our next episode should be recorded live in a couple of weeks and posted to our website shortly there after. Thanks for listening!


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