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E3 – Doctor No More


Straight Outta Gallifrey: E3 – Doctor No More is now avaialble to download. Check it out here. This week George, Mike, and Sunseahl have returned for a new episode and more lively discussions about Doctor Who. We are joined by DJ Mighty Mundane from Trek Radio to talk about the News, Rumors, and Gossip coming out from across all of space and time. Our primary discussion for this installment of Straight Outta Gallifrey focuses on Moffat and Capaldi leaving the show after their final series together in 2017, leaving a veritable clean slate for Moffat’s successor Chris Chibnall. How do you feel about both Moffat and Capaldi both leaving Doctor Who after the 2017 series?

Mike introduces his co-hosts and their special guest, Mighty Mundane. With introductions out of the way, Mike asks the panel if anyone has done anything Whovian since the last time they spoke. Mundane has been binge watching Who on Netflix. Sun has been celebrating the news that Moffat is leaving the show. George has been also binged watched the Donna episodes. Have you binged watched Doctor Who on Netflix before its upcoming departure?

LEGO_Dimensions-All_of_the_DoctorsMike played LEGO Dimensions, their Doctor Who levels, world, and minifigures. He also talks about the regenerations the Doctor will undertake over the course of playing. Have you played LEGO Dimensions and checked out the various incarnations of the Doctor or either of the levels?

George asks if the BBC were to license Doctor Who for the creation of a new MMO and you got to play as a Time Lord, would you want to control your appearance? or would you accept a randomly generated body? Everyone offers their idea on the topic. Which method would you prefer?

Mike mentions seeing tweets periodically about a Doctor Who server within Minecraft. Sunseahl talks about the Doctor Who mods that exist for Minecraft. They even discuss the previous Doctor Who game where the player was the Doctor’s Companion and they were required to gain his favor. Have you played either of these games? What do you think about them?

Mike finishes up the Whovian things he did this week by talking about some of the First Doctor’s second and third series episodes he’s seen this week and his need to watch nuWho’s Martha Jones and Donna Noble episodes in between them as a form of palette cleanser. Have you watched any second or third year episodes of William Hartnell as the Doctor?

We talk about how the Doctor can be seen a new from nearly episode. They go on to talk about the role of his Companions as somebody to help keep him centered and in some cases to stop him from making a heinous decision. Mundane mentions that the role of the Companion is to provide a way for the viewer to relate to the alien Doctor. What do you think the role of the Doctor’s Companions are?

We move into this week’s News, Rumors, and Gossip, beginning with the news that Doctor Who is being pulled from Netflix in the United States but will remain available on the streaming service in the UK. With the announcement, the BBC has announced that they are planning to launch their own streaming service in the US. We discuss the ramifications of the new service and offers some insights into the pros and cons of yet another streaming service. What do you think about the BBC launching its own streaming service? Would you subscribe to it?

Chris_ChibnallMoving on to the next big item making the rounds is that Capaldi will in fact be leaving after his 2017 season along with Moffat. Chris Chibnall, the creator of Broadchurch, will be taking over the reigns and will be inheriting practically a clean slate for his run at the helm of Doctor Who. How do you feel about these announcements? Are you happy or sad that Capaldi and Moffat are both leaving the show? What do you think of Chris Chibnall taking over as show runner?

We talk about the state of modern storytelling. George doesn’t like the idea that everything is connected, which Moffat and JJ Abrams seem to be experts. Mike explains that episodic television doesn’t really work with today’s audiences. People like having depth to their stories and seeing how everything relates. What do you think about modern story telling? Do you prefer standalone episodes, or would you prefer a running story line that connects all the dots that have emerged along the way?

Mike mentions that they were going to talk about Companions this week, but decided to postpone that discussion to focus on Show runners. Mundane starts off by talking about Russel T. Davies and the differences between him and Moffat. He’d like to see the new showrunner strike a balance between the two. Which show runner is your favorite? What approach would you like to see Chibnall take when he takes over?

Mike mentions that changing of the guard helps keep the show fresh, from the showrunners to the Doctor and his companions, and is likely the reason Doctor Who has survived as long as it has. George talks about the show runner with the most time on the show and how the show suffered for it. He also hates red herrings. Mundane thinks Moffat was there one season too long. Do you agree? How long is too long for a show runner?

Sun would like them return to basics. Mundane agrees. Do you?

They discuss Broadchurch, trying to discover the kind show runner he will be for Doctor Who. Mundane describes that the show is darker than Doctor Who. Have you seen Broadchurch? What are your thoughts on the show?

George hopes for a group of companions consisting of people from various time periods in Chibnall’s Doctor Who series.

We go back to the discussion of the Valyard. George talks about the Big Finish sequel of the Valyard episode entitled Trial of the Valyard. He, then, goes on to describe the difference between an incarnation and a regeneration. Mundane thinks it would be interesting to see Capaldi lose it and become the Valyard. George doesn’t think it will happen, since he has finally found peace within himself.

We start winding down the show. If you want to send us a question, comment on anything that we had discussed, please send your emails to Give Dale the Dalek something to do. He’s waiting eagerly to EXTERMINATE spam. They move into this week’s announcements and the Whovian things they have planned for the coming week. Mundane plugs his show on Trek Radio before going.


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