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E5 – The Universe Is Big, Complicated, And Ridiculous


Straight Outta Gallifrey E5 – The Universe Is Big, Complicated, And Ridiculous is now available to download. Check it out here. Sunseahl, George, and Mike have returned for a new episode and are joined this week by Steve, despite losing episode four due to a Dalek attack during an unexpected adventure with the special guest Chris Facci and a surprise visit by the Doctor. This week they discuss the aliens of the Who universe, with an emphasis on the Doctor’s adversaries: the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Sontarans, and the Weeping Angels.

We try mixing it up this week and give Sun a turn at leading the show. Joining us this week is Steve Roberts, a friend of the hosts. After Mike compares himself to the Doctor and Steve analogous to the Doctor’s nemesis, the Master, we begin Introductions.

Steve discusses growing up with the show in the UK and how the 7th Doctor was his first Doctor. We talk about how back in the ’80s there were only three channels on the BBC, so Doctor Who was hard “not to watch” as a citizen of the UK. George brings up how Broadchurch and Red Dwarf are examples of UK series that were imitated in America. What American shows do you like that were inspired by those first developed by the BBC?

Sun shouts out Chris Facci, a guest that joined us for episode four. The episode was lost due to a Dalek extermination (Technical difficulties).

Sun asks everyone what “Whovian” things they have been up to, and Mike talks about how hard it was to get through the Hartnell episodes, especially the reconstructions. He has since moved on to Troughton with some Matt Smith thrown in for flavor. Sun gives Mike a treat! She links him to the official BBC clip of Hartnell’s regeneration to Troughton. George coins the term “Troughtnell”.

In News, Rumors and Gossip, we discuss how David Tennant and Matt Smith are going to be together for the first time at the Wizard World in New York, in April. Mike gets amusingly confused about who is married to “Who”

Sun changes topics and kicks off our main discussion of the week: Doctor Who Aliens; by bringing up how the BBC declared February to be “Silurian month”. George wonders “why” is it Silurian month? And everyone can only speculate. George wants to remove the Silurians from the topic based on the fact they aren’t “technically” aliens, since they are natives of Earth. What do you think? Are Silurian aliens or not?

We shift into George’s lecture on all things “Cybermen” and how they were the inspiration behind the Borg on Star Trek. Mike compares the first version of the first Cybermen to guys wearing tube socks on their heads. George gives a history lesson on the iterations of Cybermen. George mentions how Moffat’s refusal to properly explain which Cybermen are which as one of the many reasons he’s annoyed with the showrunner. George offers a theory about an off screen “merging” of the Cybermen versions. Steve offers an interesting theory about Missy creating a new version of the Cybermen which George agrees is a neat theory. What do you think of the Cybermen? Which off-screen theory do you agree with (if any)? Steve’s or George’s? Or do you have your own theory?

We then shift gears to talk about the Sontarans and Weeping angels. What are your thoughts on the Sontarans? And what about the Weeping Angels?

Sun asks the big question of the week, which Classic Who aliens each of us would you like to see come back in a future episode of Doctor Who?  What do you think? Which Classic Who alien do you want to come back?

Dale the Dalek reads a message we received from Steve about our second episode. He hates Dale. What do you think about Dale?

They wind down this week’s show by mentioning the Whovian things they are looking forward to doing in between now and the next episode of Straight Outta Gallifrey.


This week’s show notes provided by George

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