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E6 – All Of Time, All Of Space


Straight Outta Gallifrey E6 – All Of Time, All Of Space is now available to download. Check it out here. Sunseahl, George, and Mike have returned for a new episode and are joined this week by Steve. This week they discuss some of the more notable Points of Interest within the Doctor Who Universe, including: The End of the Universe, Gallifrey, Victorian England, Trenzalore, Mars, The Present, Cold Hill School, London, and so much more.

The episode starts off with a bang as Sun does a River Song impersonation/tribute. Joining us again this week is Steve Roberts aka Midniteshadow7.

Sun asks everyone what they have been up to and George mentions after watching Doctor Puppet he is fascinated by stop motion animation. Mike mentions he has watched Troughton’s second season and a few episodes with McCoy. From the little bit that he’s seen, he currently prefers Mel over Ace. George sarcastically congratulates the actress for having one fan. George compares Mel to a female Adric.

Steve mentions he has revisited the “proper” Missy episodes “Dark Water” and “Death in heaven”. Sun notices Steve is using some kind of modulation on his voice.

Sun mentions she has been watching the 1978 Battlestar Galactica. She’s surprised how much she is enjoying it. They discuss time travel and marvel at their ability to do the show from several locations from around the world at the same time.

Sun brings takes us into this week’s News, Rumors, and Gossip. They begin with the Big Finish “Diaries Of River Song” series. George thinks it’s great content mined from references on the show. What audio dramas, if any, have you heard from Big Finish, and which are your favorites?

Mike inquires about River’s choosing her dress size when she regenerated from Mel; George points out that line was a callback to “Destiny of the Daleks” when Romana tried on various bodies as she regenerated. Sun wants to know if we will ever find out about “Jim the Fish”?

The next bit of news is in regard to the fan produced series, “Doctor Puppet” and its latest episode that was released this week. Have you seen Doctor Puppet? Do you have a favorite episode?

Sun pushes the show forward by bringing us to the main topic of this week’s episode. Where in all of time and space would you like to see the show revisit? George chooses “Peladon”, a planet from two episodes of the John Pertwee era. Steve talks about the “game station” from two episodes of Eccleston’s run. Mike gives an honorable mention to Mars, since he finds the show’s take on the near future interesting. He would like to what Doctor Who does with Atlantis, to which George points out the Classic series has done in a Pertwee episode “The Time Monster”. Steve chooses the planet “Midnight”. He adds that he was disappointed about how the return of Gallifrey has been handled.

Sun ponders the query “Are Gallifreyans born with regeneration or granted them?” To which George references “A Good Man Goes to War” and cites how River was born with very similar biology to that of a Time Lord and with it had several regenerations. He goes on to add examples from Colin Baker, where a Time Lord was out of regenerations, and then, in Matt Smith’s final episode, he gets a new cycle when the Time Lords sent him a stream of regenerative energy through the crack in space. George then mentions an episode during Tom Baker’s run, where he visits an Amish-like group that lived outside of the dome on Gallifrey that rejected technology. He goes on to point out that recent episodes inferred the Doctor lived among for a time as is evident from the barn.

Steve believes that Time Lords may have once been Human and changed over the centuries and cites some examples.

The discussion shifts to how poorly Moffat handled some of the Whovian lore. What do you think about Moffat’s handling of the lore, do you agree or disagree?

George brings up Coal Hill School, where the show began and where the new upcoming spin off “Class” takes place. Sun pens the term “Whostorical landmark”

Returning to the topic of the show, Sun quickly runs through some of the points of interest often seen in Doctor Who, including the Modern Day. George argues that the use of the modern day was nothing more than a way to save money on their budget rather than a story-related choice. Mike points out that when the show is set in modern day, it allows the viewers to connect better with the series since they may not be able to easily understand ancient Rome, or the far future as easily as the present.

Dale the Dalek has a message for us from Steve about an earlier episode of the show. We welcome your feedback. Email your comments, suggestions, and feedback to

We then wrap up the show mentioning things we are doing the rest of the week. Mike will be watching more Troughton and McCoy episodes. George talks about Tom Baker’s companion “Leela” and McCoy’s companion “Ace” as two great examples of strong female companions who did not need protecting, and offers some facts about them. George will recording an new episode of Super Geeks, his super hero podcast. Steve will be interviewing Larry Nemecek for his Tribbles In Ecstasy podcast; editing his Battlestar Galactica podcast, Frakstars; recording lines for Starfinder; working with a friend on the Risa Social Media site; and hopes to watch Deadpool in the coming weeks. Sun will be on Tribbles in Ecstasy and will be co-hosting on SuperGeek this week as well. She’ll also be watching more Battlestar Galactica episodes and might even get in some Doctor Who in too. With that, they conclude this week’s show.

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