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E7 – We’re Confusing The Polarity


Straight Outta Gallifrey: E7 – We’re Confusing the Polarity is now available to download. Check it out here. This week George, Mike, and Sunseahl have returned for a new episode and a lively discussions about Doctor Who. We are joined by the Honorable James Kerwin, the Director of Star Trek: Continues. He tells us about his experiences working with Collin Baker in the ST:C episode The White Iris and his visit to Gallifrey One, the Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles. They even manage to get in some of this week’s latest News, Rumors, and Gossip coming out from across all of space and time.

Sunseahl kicks off this week’s show with a round of introductions, beginning with her cohosts, George and Mike, before welcoming their guest, the Honorable James Kerwin. They start off as usual with what they have been doing this week. Mike starts them off. He hasn’t done much of anything really Whovian since their last show. But, he tells us about the latest release that came out of LEGO Dimensions. Sunseahl and James have questions about the Doctor as he appears in the game. Even the interiors will change to match the Doctor you’re playing. They spend some time talking about the game and the Doctor as he appears in the game. Have you played LEGO Dimensions with the Doctor?

James talks about the roundels (the round things) in the Doctor’s Tardis. Sometime during the 7th Doctor, the Tardis was redesigned to remove the roundels, but for the War Doctor, they came back. He wonders what does that mean? Do you have  a theory about the return of the roundels to the Tardis?

Sun brings the discussion back to LEGO Dimensions and the new video they revealed advertising the new latest wave that gets them talking about crossovers. George wants to see a Doctor Who and Batman crossover. James asks if it’s Capaldi’s voice in the game. After some consideration, Mike believes that Capaldi did record some new voice over for the game along with some clips from the show. He talks about the Doctor meeting Batman, Wildstyle, and Gandalf.

DrwhoTNGJames mentions the unlicensed graphic novel from the 80s called the Doctor and the Enterprise, where Tom Baker’s Doctor meets Kirk and Spock. He goes on to mention that David Gerrold has a new crossover comic coming out called the Doctor For The Enterprise and describes it as a comic spoof featuring Tribbles. Speaking of Trek and Who crossovers, George points out that in the first season finale of Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Neutral Zone, the families of the people that wake up from Cryostasis are all named after the actors that played the Doctors up to that point. Star Trek and Doctor Who have made nods to one another many times over the years. What are some of your favorite nods to Trek seen in Doctor Who and vice versa?

This week, George has listened to the Big Finish War Doctor Time War Volume One stories. He praises the stories and the production and discusses some of the things he enjoyed from it. The series draws upon what was seen on the screen and expands upon it. The second volume has recently been released.

James has not done very many Whovian things this week, since he’s been busy working on post-production for a couple of Star Trek: Continues episodes that they have coming up. But, last month, he did attend Gallifrey One, the largest Doctor Who Convention in the world held in Los Angeles, and was featured in a number of panels. He talks about his experiences there. He also talks about how Star Trek: Continues got Collin Baker involved with their fourth episode: The White Iris. He briefly explains  Collin Baker’s role. Gallifrey One had three Doctors in attendance this year: John Hurt, Collin Baker, and Peter Davidson along with several companions. The ST:C episode was screened with a panel with Collin afterwards. James was also on several other panels throughout the convention, including one that talked about the behind the scenes of ST:C.

Sun asks about fan response and overall opinion of Collin Baker, especially in light of how the BBC treated him during his run as the Doctor. James goes over the circumstances of what happened. George mentions the regeneration scene. The showrunner and the story editor were at odds with one another and the head of the BBC was doing everything he could to cancel the show and Collin Baker was stuck in the middle of it all. He was their scapegoat. The Executive Producer had even tried to resign, but they refused to let him go. After all of that, they had the gall to ask Collin Baker to return to shoot a regeneration scene. He refused.

George brings up Mike’s appreciation for Mel. James reveals some of the actress’ background before coming on board Doctor Who. She was a musical theater dancer and singer and was a strange decision. It ultimately didn’t work, but she did her job well for what they were trying to do with her character. Mike clarifies that he had only seen four episodes two with Mel and two with Ace and of those four, he liked Mel a lot more.

Returning to Collin Baker, James notes that a lot of modern Who fans are starting to discover the 6th Doctor and are enjoying him because of it. He shares a story about the theatrical release of Day of the Doctor and the behind the scenes documentary that accompanied it that featured narration by Collin. The response from the people (including the 15 year old David Tenant fans) that watched the documentary at Collin’s reveal at the end that he was the 6th Doctor was amazing. Sun and James reminds everyone that Collin Baker is their favorite Doctor.

James talks about watching Collin Baker and Nichola at 11 years old and how it inspired him to become a director. Even though the stories were not worthy of him, Collin and Nichola were fantastic and had a great rapport with each other. Last year, when he was able to direct Collin for ST:C, a dream that he had since he was 11 years old finally came true. George talks about how ST:C has been able to cross-the-stream, as it were, to bring people that appeared in other franchises together. James mentions that ST:C also had Erin Grey from Buck Rogers on the show as well, though it was before he came on board the project. However, he was able to direct Erin in episode 7 of ST:C.

Sun returns the topic to Gallifrey One. This convention appearance was John Hurt’s first convention appearance. His panels were standing room only. It was a highlight of the convention and shows the power of fandom to bring people together.

Mike returns the conversation to ST:C and their Indiegogo campaign that they have going on right now. James discusses the campaign. They are trying to fund their next three episodes and finish post-production on episode 7. They launched it a little over a week ago and will run for a couple of months. The perks are great. They include autographed photos, blu-rays of the episodes, set tours, and walk on roles. Skype calls with the actors will be added soon, and other perks will be coming soon. Mike explains that he has supported their efforts and that every penny donated is spent on the production. You can see it on the screen. James explains that they are good stewards for the fan’s donations. They don’t take a salary and spend donations wisely on new sets and more.

George praises their handling of social media. James responds that Lisa Hansell, Linda, Vic, and Michelle all contribute to their social media presence. It’s a full time job keeping fans interested and they do not pay themselves. This is a labor of love for everyone involved in Star Trek Continues. He explains that they spent roughly $75k to produce and episode. They expanded their sets. They purchased the sets from Starship Farragut and expanded the sets to include Engineering, and some more sets that will be seen in episode 7, and are in the process of creating a planet set. They now have a 18,500 sq ft facility that they are solely responsible. Because of it, their rent and utilities for the larger space, has caused the cost to develop each episode to increase to roughly 100k. He compares it to the development of the Original series, which was made for about 250k in 1960s dollars, which equates to more than a million an episode in today’s market.

They move onto this week’s news. The first news item is in regards to an article stating that Capaldi was asked to stay on as the Doctor after Moffat leaves the show. Mike is happy to hear it. Sun thinks its a good idea to let the new show runner wrap up the previous doctor and set up events to lead into the next one. James talks about the modern trend for doctors and show runners to leave together. He would love to see the Doctor to stay on after a new showrunner takes over. Mike runs down his impression of what the three year does and states that there are more stories that could be told with the characters well beyond the three years. What do you think about the three year rule? Do you think the Doctor could and should stay on longer than three years?

Sun defends Moffat’s introduction and how he began Matt Smith with the 11th Hour. She provides a break down of Matt Smith’s introduction of the Doctor, explaining what she likes about it. George thinks it’s the best introduction to any new Doctor that has ever been written.

Sun moves them onto the next news item. News of the next companion should be announced soon. Mike adds that the rumor of who that could be is also mentioned. George thinks that the inclusion of a female Muslim companion is a good idea. Sun talks about the middle eastern population in the UK and how its under represented. James thinks they need to be careful with it. Coleman was one of the longest running companions. She tied the third longest running companion of all time. He’s hoping to see Capaldi do his own thing for a while. Capaldi just got his screwdriver. James loves it.

Mike mentions that the Doctor had traveled the world alone for a while after Donna and would love to see him do that again. Picking up a companion here and there for one-offs before finding the companion that will remain with him for a while. James points out that it’s an interesting reversal, because with Donna, she had lost all memory of him, but with Clara it was his memories of her that were erased. James wants to see how he deals with that, considering she was there to save him during each of his regenerations. Mike adds that he would like to see the new Muslim companion, but hopes that she’s not dropped into his lap right away. They have some fun with speculation.

They wind down the show. Mike reminds everyone that Dale is standing by in the mail room ready to receive email and terminate spam. Send your questions, comments, and suggestions to They move onto this week’s announcements. Mike reveals that this may be their last episode for a while. He will be creating a survey asking listeners about what they liked about the show and what they would like to see changed. So, keep an eye out for those surveys.

James thinks this episode would be anti-climatic conclusion to the show. They talk about some interesting series finales, including The Sopranos, Lost, The Prisoner, and others. He loves creative endings that throw viewers off their game and make them ask what just happened. They thank James for joining us. Mike reminds everyone to check out Star Trek: Continues. There are five episodes available right now with the sixth due out in May. Support their Indiegogo, which will bring the number episodes up to ten. Their goal is to shoot thirteen episodes to wrap up the Original Series.

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