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E8 – We Are All Young … DUDES!


Straight Outta Gallifrey: E8 – We Are All Young … DUDES! is now available to download. Check it out here. This week Sunseahl and Mike are joined by their guest host TymmyD after a short hiatus for a new episode and a lively discussion about all things Doctor Who. We discuss the latest News, Rumors, and Gossip along with various other topics, such as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure as an attempt to Americanize and modernize Doctor Who into a hip young film.

Sunseahl kicks off this week’s show stating that we have been away a while and have made some changes, but are glad to be back in the swing of things. She talks about the new Cybermen, Daryl and his other brother Daryl that we had hired to help us take care of Dale.

Mike starts off with the Whovian things he’s done since our last show. He’s watched a few more episodes of McCoy and has been enjoying it, but he’s not sure if he’s enjoying the series, or if it’s 80s nostalgia kicking in. He also came across Doctor Who: Legacy mobile game for Android. They discuss the game briefly. He has also written a Doctor Who fan fiction short story for featuring Jim The Fish. Also, he submitted a proposal for The Doctor Who Project. They are putting together a fan fiction ebook featuring six story episodes and a Christmas Special using an alternate tenth Doctor and a new companion. He’s still waiting to hear from them, but his story is a take on Atlantis. He has started writing the story, so even if TDWP takes a pass on it, he’ll post it on his website for people to read.

TymmyD talks about Donna Noble, Martha Jones, and some of the other Nu-Who companions based on what Mike described of the companion he had written for his fan fiction story. Sun introduces Tim for the first time. He’s a DJ for Subspace Radio. He does radio, parody songs based on MMOs, and has composed some original music. He created the theme music for Straight Outta Gallifrey. He’s created one other Doctor Who theme for the next Doctor that may be used for the audio drama Ambrosia. He talks about his music creation process and the work of other composers. He has also done some amateur voice acting for friends. Tim praises Ten Second Songs for his ability to sing a popular song in so many different styles.

Sun has helped Mike brainstorm ideas for his stories. She described his stories delicious. Tim talked about how much he enjoyed the outline for Mike’s Atlantis story. Sun was enthralled by the idea of both stories and enjoyed seeing how the stories were developed and progressed. She thought Pocket Books made a mistake when they rejected Mike’s Star Trek story for the Strange New Worlds. He thanks them for their kind words. Sun says the praise will continue this weekend during the G & T Show. Mike talks about G & T for Tim’s sake.

We move onto this week’s News, Rumors, and Gossip. Mike starts them off with something Capaldi had said while on the Doctor Who World Tour in Mexico City. He stated that the new Companion had been cast, but they have not yet released her name. UK Tabloids thought it most likely will be Rakhee Thakrar who starred in Eastenders. Mike apologizes for butchering her name. Tim talks about Billie Piper and Capaldi’s desire to work with Billie Piper. They discuss Billie Piper throughout Doctor Who from Ecelston to Bad Wolf and some of the recent Specials. As an actor, she had matured in addition in the Time of the Doctors special.

They talk about Doctor Who has moved to Amazon. It’s no longer on Netflix or Hulu, but it is on Amazon Prime for subscribers. The ninth season is also available there, but it is not part of Prime. Each episode costs $2.99 or 30.99 for the complete season. Mike thinks the high price for a 12 episode season has to do with international currency conversion rates. Tim will be waiting for the ninth season to hit Prime, but thinks it won’t happen until the tenth season is released. Mike thinks it might not be that long. He hopes it’ll be another six months or so. They send congratulations to Amazon for snatching up Doctor Who streaming.

Sun returns to Capaldi and his new companion. They discuss how much the knowledge the companions have of the Doctor when meeting him. In Nu-Who, some of the events that have occurred, people have to be living under a rock if they do not know about the Doctor along the periphery. Tim talks about UFOs in the real world and how several nations have released that information to the public. Nu-Who plays this up a little bit. Mike points out the Martha Jones episode, Walk the Earth, as a one reason people know of the Doctor. He even mentions Donna Noble’s father as another believer. Tim talks about the underground. Sun points out that Matt Smith destroyed and recreated the universe and Smith’s Doctor had also died and wiped out memory of the Doctor, turning the Doctor into a legend.

They discuss the Doctor riding on the tank, playing the guitar in a medieval arena. They talk about the the possibility of the Doctor also being Merlin. They wonder, if that was the time when the Doctor portrayed the role of Merlin. They discuss the possibility and compare the legends of Merlin with that of the Doctor. He even teaches the locals the word “Dude”.

They talk about Moffat and Chibnal. They are not sure what Chibnal will bring to the table. Moffat is a known entity. They don’t know if Chibnal will be able to handle the modern Doctor is he is a Classic Who fan. They talk about Torchwood and Broadchurch. They are excited about the possibility, and are looking forward to seeing what he will do with it. Tim isn’t a fan of Classic Who. Chibnal was, but the same could have been said of Capaldi and we all know how Capaldi had handled the role. They discuss some of the Classic Doctors and how they changed the role of the Doctor. Tim wants to see Paul McGann return as the Doctor and wanted to see more of Hurt as well. Sun points out that Big Finish continues with both Doctors.

Sun mentions that Vincent Price was supposed to be the American version of Hartnell’s Doctor. Mike talks about how they tried to remake Doctor Who into an American film and ended up with Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. They talk about Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. They share some laughs as they discuss it.

They talk about some of the people that have passed this year. They hope that the previous Doctors will be around for some time yet to come. Sun would have liked to have seen David Bowie have a stint as the Doctor. They talk about Collin Baker’s role in Star Trek: Continues. These two great franchises colliding. Tim would love to see Clara Oswald have a role in the upcoming Star Trek series. The fandoms appreciate it when these IPs crossover.

Since they mentioned crossover, Mike talks about a Foundry mission on the Star Trek Online beta server when the feature was first introduced called Bill and Ted’s Messed Up Trek which featured some Doctor Who references as well. However, the mission no longer exists, but he’s hoping to recreate it something in the future.

We start winding down the show with Announcements. Mike is looking for more guest hosts to hang out with us on the show. If you also have questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to email us at Also, they didn’t get a chance to discuss it, but there will be a Doctor Who Experience held in Cardiff. If you’re planning to attend the Experience, tell us about your experience and we might get you on the show.

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