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Ep 10 – Go Forward In All Your Beliefs

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Straight Outta Gallifrey Ep 10 – Go Forward In All Your Beliefs is now available to download. Check it out here. This time, Sunseahl and Mike are joined by Steve to talk about all things Whovian. It has been a while since we’ve been all together and a lot of news has accumulated. We spend the time discussing all of it in the latest News, Rumors, and Gossip; a few interesting discussions topics about possible female Doctors and the best Companions; a fan produced Doctor Who Parody from the Hillywood Show; and a few new toys and collectibles. Don’t miss out on the fun in this episode of Straight Outta Gallifrey.

Sun starts us off complaining about the strange smell emanating from the control room. With so much news to discuss since our last episode, we decide to focus on that and limit our usual discussion topics. Eager to get started, we nearly forget to introduce Steve.

We jump straight into the first article. The 12 Powerful Actresses Ready to Be the Next Doctor Who. Mike agrees with a few of them. Steve is disappointed that Haley Atwell should have been included. Sun suggested Virginia Hey who played Zhaan from Farscape. They discuss a few of the options, including Emma Watson, which sparks a short discussion of the next article: 6 reasons why Emma Watson should be the first Time Lady. Who would you want to see take a turn as a female Doctor?

During the discussion, Companions were also mentioned, which led us to 10 Companions who were loved the most by fans. They were disappointed that only the companions from the nu-Who made the list. Sarah Jane, Ace, and Adric should have made the list according to our panelists. They mention a few others by name. Which Classic Who Companions should have made the list?

Since Sun mentioned Jo, they move onto the News, Rumors, and Gossip portion of the show. Paul Cornell is writing a new comic arc featuring the Third Doctor with Jo for Titan. Mike talks about the comic and Paul’s approach to making the comic. He restricts himself to the same type of restrictions that the BBC had imposed on the original production. For Troughton, it’s a small room with limited sets and things, while Pertwee’s Doctor and his stories should take place in an environment that implies more militaristic assets.

Mike brings up the articles about Sean Pertwee. In Season Nine, he had been asked to appear on the show, but he couldn’t at the time, since they were filming Gotham. However, according to another article, he is still interesting in coming on the show and possibly even portraying the Third Doctor. He dressed as his father, and the resemblance is striking. Sun talks about some of the episodes where the older Doctors crossed timelines with the current Doctor.

The next rumor we discuss is the idea of John Barrowman reprising his role as Captain Jack Harkness for Doctor Who. He had posted a message stating he was going to be in Cardiff for work around the same time Doctor Who was filming. Sun points out that it could be something for Torchwood. Steve mentions that it could also be for the Class. We discuss other possibilities of his appearance. Later, Barrowman denied that he would be appearing in the Doctor Who Christmas Special, which makes us speculate that it could be for Torchwood, the Class, another episode of Doctor Who, or something completely unrelated.

The conversation shifts to Missy. She will be coming back for Season 10. However, Sun doesn’t think that the season will revolve around her. Mike thinks that she’s awful friendly towards the Doctor for being an incarnation of the Doctor. He’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sun finds Missy’s motivations to be odd in that her motivations towards the Doctor and how she carries herself doesn’t seem to equate to the Master that we had known. Steve doesn’t think she has been as strong a character as the Master has been in the past. He goes on to say that there seems to be something missing in her character to justify her current state as Missy and the insane madman we had last seen as the Master.

Next up, Mike points out that some of the writers for Season 10 has been revealed. He provides some background on a couple of them. The article also includes some information on when we will see Pearl Mackie. She will not be part of the Christmas Special. Sun didn’t realize that Moffet had two more Christmas Specials and Season 10 before officially stepping down as the show runner. Also, the article mentions that Nardole will be returning for Season 10 and will be more of a regular. Sun wonders if he’s a Mech Nardole, a pre-Mech Nardole, or Nardole in a new body. Steve doesn’t like the actor, Matt Lucas, playing Nardole. He speculates that Nardole will provide comic relief for the show since Capaldi and Mackie are not known as comedians.

Mike moves onto a fan made film he came across. The Hillyshow put together a Doctor Who Parody musical paying homage to Tennant’s Doctor, his Companions, and the various big bads he faced off against during his run. We all enjoyed the parody and highly recommend it.

They wind down the show with some new Toys and Collectibles coming out. The first is the 12th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver. The screwdriver lights up and has sounds. We spend a few minutes talking about the new screwdriver. Steve doesn’t like it. It looks like a toy, rather than a tool. We quickly discuss the various sonic screwdrivers and how this appears to have been ripped from it. Mike goes over some of this model’s features.

The final product we talk about is the Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook. Joanna Farrow wrote the book and features a variety of meals, snacks, cakes, and sweets, and more with easy to follow step by step instructions.

We thank Steve for joining them today.  Sun talks about the library in our Tardis Studio and the Eye of Harmony she found to bring the show to an end. Join us next time when we try to return to our regular discussion topics.



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