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cropped-straight-outta-gallifrey-color.fw_.pngEp 11 – Funny Little Human Brains

Straight Outta Gallifrey Ep 11 – Funny Little Human Brains is now available to download. Check it out here. This time Sunseahl and Mike are joined by Timmy D to talk about all things Whovian. It has been a while since we’ve been together and a lot of news has accumulated in our Tardis. We spend our time together discussing all of it in the latest News, Rumors, and Gossip; a few interesting discussion topics revolving around Moffat and Chibnall, Eccleston, and more; a couple of new books including a Peter Davison autobiography and an indispensable reference book; and a few new toys and collectibles from Think Geek. Don’t miss out on the fun in this episode of Straight Outta Gallifrey.

They begin with the news of the Doctor Who: The Movie coming to Blu-Ray. The problem is that they are not going back to the master copy of the film and creating the Blu-Ray from it. We are pleased to hear that they are releasing it in a modern format, but we wonder if Blu-Ray is the best format right now since a lot of people are consuming content digitally through downloads or streaming services. Timmy thinks that Flash Drives would be a better format if a physical media is preferred.

Next we discuss the controversy around Karen Gillan’s costume in the upcoming Jumanji movie with the Rock, Kevin Hart, and Jack Black. People were disappointed by how skimpy the costume was with its bare midriff and short shorts. It’s not a costume that girls can look to emulate or dress up as for Halloween.

Tom Baker will be playing a role in Star Wars: Rebels. He will be voicing the Bendu. It is not with the Dark side or the Light side, but something greater in the middle. Tim thinks it’s a very Tom Baker role and that if you know who it is adds something to the role. Mike wonders if the role was written to get Baker into the episode or if it was written for the story and then it was customized for Baker. Mike hopes its the later and not the former.

The next news item on the agenda is an interview with Christopher Eccleston for regarding him leaving Doctor Who. He now wishes he could have stayed on for a second season. Sun points out that he had been invited to participate in the 50th Anniversary episode, but he declined to participate, which makes the statement seem disingenuous. Eccleston had attributed his decision to leave Doctor Who because he didn’t like the way things were being handled and how he was being treated and the blame for it lies with the Show’s directors. Tim wonders if this is an attempt for him to score some work doing some Ninth Doctor audio dramas or other supplemental content.

Cultbox posted an article with everything they know about Doctor Who’s tenth season. We don’t go over the full list, but pick and choose a point or two to discuss. Tim hopes that Chibnall won’t take a year off once Moffatt finishes his run as Show Runner for Doctor Who. We also spend a little more time once again talking about Capaldi playing the guitar on the tank. The Doctor tends to discover who he is on screen, but with Capaldi, they skipped that and just fast forwarded to rock star on a tank.

We discuss the new Companion and try to figure out how she will fit into the show. This allows us to discuss each of the modern companions. We fear that if they rely on Billie for comedic relief, she will ultimately become another Rory. Rory could have been a much stronger companion if they didn’t rely on him for comedic relief. We then compare Rory to Mickey. Mickey is this generation’s Adrick.

Peter Davison is releasing an autobiography. Is There Life Outside of the Box? An Actor Despairs. Tim is interested in reading the book, if for no other reason than to understand the dynamic between his daughter and David Tennant. Sun tries to explain the timey-wimey relationship between them.

Another book that we discuss is The Whoniverse. It’s the untold history of the universe revolving around humanity and Earth. This book is a great reference tool for anyone writing Doctor Who fan fiction and audio dramas. It is currently available for pre-order but only in the UK as of right now. It is our hope that it will be made available to the US and the rest of the world soon.

Next, we discuss The Lives of Captain Jack, which is a new audio series coming out of Big Finish. There are four audio episodes that are included in this set. Mike reads the descriptions of the four episodes. John Barrowman is reprising his role as Captain Jack. The digital download costs $20 US and the CD will run $32.43 US. Tim talks about John Barrowman and Captain Jack and wonders if Jack is truly the Face of Bo.

We talk about Doctor Who toys and products. Tim is looking forward to getting the Twelfth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. We have links to all kinds of new products from ThinkGeek.

Mike returns to the show, since he was busy taking care of a few things. We start winding down the show, beginning with announcements. If you’d like to be on Straight Outta Gallifrey, send us an email to For BLB news, The G & T Show is preparing for their annual fundraiser: 24 Hours of G & T. They will have guests, games, contests, prizes, and more. Straight Outta Gallifrey will be participating in the event. BLB will be launching a new show: Semantic Shenanigans: Where law, society, scholarship, and fandom collide. Their first episode will be recorded on October 17th. The premiere episode of Blood of the Nei’rrh should be released soon, as well as a new episode of Gates of Sto’vo’kor. All of this and more should be available for 24 hours of G & T. Sun reminds Mike about Live Love Play. Ross streams video games on Twitch as well as interview celebrities and other people creating science fiction and fantasy books, games, tv shows, movies, and more. Check them out.

That’s all we have for you this week. Join us next time as week discuss more new from the Whoniverse!


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