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Doctor Who:

new_logo_wallpaper_1_by_carthorisA program originally intended as a sci-fi themed educational serial to teach history and science became an almost non-stop fandom since it first aired in the mid to late 1960s. Even after a 10+ year hiatus Doctor Who continues to be a culture-crossing phenomena bringing together people the world over for the love of a two-hearted alien who considers Earth his home away from home.


Straight Outta Gallifrey:

Straight Outta GallifreyA podcast dedicated to much more than just the Doctor Who fandom but definitely steeped in it. Straight Outta Gallifrey covers a vast array of topics from episode reviews to fan interviews and even the philosophical and scientific perspectives taken by the show itself. And, if we have a little fun along the way, all the better. Jump aboard our T.A.R.D.I.S. There’s plenty of room.


Our Crew:


10259761_10208287794815444_7259403060978790456_nChooch aka George has loved Doctor Who since 1981 when he started as a Tom Baker fan. He slowly evolved into what is now a ” Peter Capaldi is his Doctor”, kind of chooch. He patiently waits until the day his regeneration cycle gets renewed, but the high council has yet to vote on that, since he is a real chooch of a time lord. Plus he owes Rassilon money. To help him with his debts, Mike stuck a mic in his face and said “go”.



JaiyaMakari_200Consider, if you wish, the possibility that there are people who find anything and dive head-first into the guts of what makes something plausible, makes it work. That’s Sunseahl. She is a complicated individual, both new and old in terms of Who. Although introduced to Who during the space between Tennant and Smith She’s often known for calling back to older incarnations of who often asking contradictory questions and often posing outlandish theories. Don’t confuse her questions, comparisons, or allusions as hate for Who, just the opposite. She sees herself as the Doctor’s Mechanic. She may not know what episode it’s from or how exactly it was quoted, but almost certainly she can tell you how it would work.


lego_dimensions_doctor_whoA long time of fan of Science Fiction, he’s relatively new to Doctor Who. His first Doctor was Eccelston, but really started enjoying the series under Tennant’s run as the doctor. Smith and especially Capaldi have brought his love for this series to an all-time-high. You can blame him for coming up with the idea for doing this show. It gives him a good reason to talk about Doctor Who with his friends while going back to discover what made the show great. Come take this journey with him.